Welcome to Chandelle
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Chandelle is located in the wine country
of Sonoma, California, about an hour north of San Francisco.

We're out of the Winemaking business


we have this:




NEW: Limited Edition

For the Collector & Enthusiast

Special Display Bottle with
Your choice of Chandelle's
Aviation Art Label

This Heavy, "Blackened" Bottle
Contains NO Wine and never did but
looks just like a full Bottle
of Red Wine.

These are not the light shipping style

bottles we used for years.

Chose your Airplane Art!

Special Display Bottle With Aviation Art


Ships just about anywhere.

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Our new book is now available.

Written by Col. Bruce Arnold with
Robert Bruce Arnold, this is a bold, noir thriller 
set in 1967-68 Saigon. For mature readers.

Click here for more information.
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UPDATE: A few years ago, we starting offering
No Surprise Flat Rate Shipping
* for all our
wine packs:

One, Two, Three, Four, and Six Packs - $9.95*
12 Bottle Packs -Free*

A "chandelle" is an old flying maneuver term
that winery
co-founder founder Bruce Arnold
remembered hearing his father and early aviators
use. See below for a diagram.

The Arnold Family's story has been intertwined
with the history of aviation since 1911.

Check out the About Us section for pictures
and more information.

Cheers! Robert and Kathy Arnold

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*Flat rate or sale shipping rates not available to Hawaii or
Alaska addresses. Some images by shutterstock.

California Prop 65 requires this statement:

"WARNING: Drinking Distilled Spirits,
Beer, Coolers, Wine and Other Alcoholic
Beverages May Increase Cancer Risk,
and, During Pregnancy, Can Cause Birth

*Legally, we must state that Free shipping means that the
shipping charge is included in the sales prices quoted.
"Free shipping" is not available to HI or AK.

What's a Chandelle?
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Chandelle: (shan-dell) an aviation term used to
describe a 180-degree change in direction and an
increase in altitude. This maneuver is a
classic test
of aircraft performance and pilot skill.

As in wine making,it requires a smooth touch
on the "stick and rudder."
World War I
French aviators perfected the maneuver and
described it as monter en chandelle, or
"to climb around a candle."

If you look at our winery logo, you will notice
that the "C" and the tiny airplane make a
hidden "chandelle" viewed from above.

Chandelle logo detail

Share that with your friends when you
pour our wine. Cheers!