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NEW: Limited Edition
Aviation Art Gifts

Chandelle Art Gift Collection


Framed DC-3 "blueprint" and art label


DC-3 Blueprint Art Framed

Optional "Personalized" Three Line Inscription


Special Display Bottle with
Your choice of Chandelle's
Aviation Art Labels

This handsome display bottle
contains NO WINE and never did but is
especially "blackened"
on the inside to look
like a full bottle of RED WINE

Special Display Bottle With Aviation Art


Are your ready for this?

Wilderness of Tigers Book Cover


Col. Bruce Arnold's bold novel

of lust, intrigue, revenge, and

desire in war-torn Saigon.


This book is for mature readers.

Includes scenes of explicit sex

and violence.

Not Politically Correct in 1967

and not now.

Wilderness of Tigers Information

Enter into a world of intrigue in

a time of war, far away,

now long ago....

This is Saigon on the eve of the

1968 Tet Offensive, a place where

sudden death is only a quick knife

thrust away and danger lurks both

from the back of a speeding

motorbike and in the bed of a

beautiful, obsessed master assassin. 

This is story about the Vietnam War

unlike any other. None will come away unscarred.

Some won’t survive at all.

This is Saigon.

It is a Wilderness of Tigers.

Order a Signed Copy Directly from us.

Order a Wilderness of Tigers Signed Edition

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