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Family owned and operated, Chandelle offered premium California wines featuring aviation art editions. It was conceived by Robert and his parents, Bruce and Barbara Arnold.

Hap Arnold and his son  Lt. Bruce Arnold in 1945
Hap Arnold and his son 
Lt. Bruce Arnold in 1945

Barbara Douglas Arnold delivering  a DC-3 to TWA in the late 1930s.
Barbara Douglas Arnold delivering 
a DC-3 to TWA in the late 1930s.
Barbara was the daughter of.
Donald Douglas, SR..

Located in the center of California's Wine Country, Chandelle takes it's name from an aviation term used to describe a 180-degree change in direction and an increase in altitude. This maneuver is a classic test of aircraft performance and pilot skill requiring a smooth touch on the stick and rudder.

The Arnold Family has been part of the world of flight since 1911 when Army Lt.(later Five-Star General) Hap Arnold learned to fly from the Wright Brothers. After serving as WWII Chief of the Army Air Forces, he retired to our family farm here in the Sonoma Valley.

All the Best,

Robert & Kathy Arnold

Robert & Kathy Arnold

Bruce Arnold had the idea of sharing the adventure and history of flight by featuring a full color aviation art print on each bottle of our family's new California wines.


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